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Landscaping Services

Paving, Patios and Pathways | Decking | Brickwork | Driveways | Beds & Turfing



Paving, Patios and Pathways

A popular choice of hard surface within a garden to create seating, dining or recreational space. We can provide options for natural or manmade stone or utility paving where the appearance is less important e.g. side or screened areas. Block paving is also an option in these areas although most commonly used for driveways.


An alternative to a paving area using soft or hard wood, often with patterned grooving. It has the advantage that it involves less preparation in some situations as it can be placed over poor ground situations. It can be used for more create areas and easily integrates with staircases and balustrading.



We can add brick walls and iron railings for a long term boundary solution. It can also be integrated into other fencing solutions above. Brickwork can also be used to support different levels in the garden for soil retention, garden zoning; as well as bed edges.


Block paving is the most common and durable driveway finish, although slabs are a popular choice. Gravel is a cheaper alternative. The foundation is crucial due to vehicle weight and We ensure that all patios and driveways have a substantial compacted sub-base appropriate to their use - often 100mm if appropriate.

Bedding and Turfing

Beds and Turfing

Often the final stage of a garden development prior to planting. There are a number of alternatives for the layout and construction of beds. One option is for a raised bed which can incorporate edge seating using wood or brick. A new lawn can significantly change look of a garden or can be key to giving a garden a renewed look and feel. We can also provide specific areas for growing vegetables as this increases in popularity.