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  • Except for brown ‘dipped in preservative' overlap panels and some clear treated wood used for construction of ‘Tongue and Groove' gates- All our wood is pressure treated softwood, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Where possible our wood comes from sustainable sources.
  • We rarely use 3x3" wooden posts, except when appropriate. A 4x4" post offers almost twice the area and will greatly exceed life expectancy of your fence.
  • We rarely use metal brackets. Our ‘Arris rails' are shaped and fitted into mortise holes for close board fencing and are un-necessary to fit panels with a professional finish.
  • We rarely, except when appropriate, use ‘Metposts'- metal spikes. These are a D.I.Y. product. Our fence posts are concreted in 2ft deep holes.  

Continental Fence

Panel FenceWooden Post Closeboard fence

  • Our close board fences always include ‘centres' to stop gapping over time between the boards and the gravel board. As it name suggests these are fitted in the centres of the bays of the close board fence.
  • We always use a string line to ensure your fence line is straight.
  • We are experienced in re-aligning fence lines which are out of place.
  • We are experienced in dealing with obstacles on the line (i.e. trees, plants and sheds) and have tried and tested techniques to work around them or find a solution to dealing with them.
  • We are experienced in dealing with different ground levels and heights. We take care that our stepping looks right at the top and is dealt with appropriately at ground level, its base (i.e. the fence meets the ground in all places and soil retention where necessary is implemented).
  • Our advice ensures an informed choice between the different style of fences, and type of gravel board and post (i.e. concrete or wood).
  • We always offer a colour choice of light natural coloured or darker brown wood.
    Either concrete or wooden posts and gravel boards can be selected.

A cheap fence can be an unsightly and expensive mistake.

Close Board Fencing

Closeboard Fence

A popular and traditional type of fencing, sometimes called ‘featheredge' after the individual slats from which it is made up. It is suitable for both front and back gardens, offers constructional flexibility and is purpose built on site. It's strong, secure and hardwearing and is the most cost effective fencing solution when considered over the lifetime of the fence. They include a gravel board in their construction protecting the bottom edge of the featheredge boards from ground rot. They can be finished with a counter rail and capping which as well as looking good protects the top edge of the fence. It is also strong enough for plants to be attached and grown up the fence; the back of the fence for this purpose is particularly advantageous. Our close board fences are so neatly and carefully constructed the fences look great both front and back, we do not use ugly metal brackets. Bays of close board fencing can be up to 3m in length (i.e. between the posts).

Panel Fencing

Panel Fence

Standard brown overlap ‘dipped' panels provide a popular low cost solution for a domestic fence. Advantageously they look very similar on both sides of the fence so can work well for a boundary shared by two neighbours. We can also provide higher quality light natural coloured overlap panels pressure treated with preservative. An alternative to the overlap panel is close board panels, based on traditional close board style fencing (with distinct front and back). Again these can be offered brown dipped or light pressure treated. They are stronger and more expensive than overlap panels. Pre-fabricated panels are only made in 1.83m length, therefore on long runs may mean increase the number of necessary posts. Close board is more flexible with bay length and dealing with obstacles and/or differences in ground level and heights. Panel fencing can have gravel boards added to protect the bottom of the panel and come complete with a small capping on the top.

Continental & Specialist Fencing

Continental Fence

In addition to the basic panels previously detailed there are many types and styles of panels on the market, some have integrated trellis, and/or gravel boards, most are based on close board or overlap styles. A weave panel is an old fashioned style panel that has recently been re-marketed. Some ‘Venetian' panels are also available, although these are not a cheap product. Continental panels are a ‘marmite' product - people tend to either love or hate them. Unfortunately for those that do again they have a fairly high price tag! They are favourable on both sides - no front or back and can make for a fantastic looking contemporary fence. Again there are many styles available, square or rounded top, with trellis windows or across the top. They are solidly built mainly in a horizontal weave style with a textured look and finish. They are available in pressure treated light natural coloured wood and measure 1.8m wide, height sizes are limited. We can and are happy to erect any panel you may find and like.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fence

Traditionally used for low front (0.9-1.5m/3-5ft) fences and can incorporate a matching gate. They offer a more open style where privacy is less important over light and allowing flowers to grow through for a pretty cottage look. The basic construction is similar to a close board fence, sometimes a rectangular rather than triangular 'arris' rail is used. Instead of featheredge boards to finish the fence 75mm wide ‘pales' are used. Sometimes referred to as a ‘hit and miss' there is a pale and then a gap of equal distance. It is also possible to install with smaller gaps. Each of the pales of the palisade fence can be finished with pointed, round, and flat tops. Pointed top palisade is very tradition to ‘Victorian' properties. Post tops can be shaped the same as the chosen style i.e. two way top for a pointed palisade, round for round etc. We recommend a pressure treated wood and a suitable external paint product e.g. cuprinol, rather than PAR wood (prepared all round). PAR wood gives a very smooth finish which can be painted in various finishes including gloss. However as it is untreated the external paint will cause the fence to rot from the inside, this gives it a limited life looking good.

TGV & Bespoke Fencing

- tongue and groove fencing offers a high end finish.

Concrete posts can be fitted instead of wooden posts for long term quality for all the above fencing types.